Greg Marks

For Greg Marks, his journey into the music industry began with a guitar and a dream when he was only seven years old! His urge to express himself led him to take guitar lessons and with the encouragement of his guitar teacher, he also began taking vocal lessons. Greg found himself as he took the necessary steps to be properly developed as a multi-talented entertainer! Along with taking guitar lessons and vocal lessons, he also began taking dance and acting lessons. He began studying the careers of major artists that he looks up to such as Michael Jackson, Usher, and new artists such as Trey Songz. Greg knows the importance in receiving a traditional education, while learning the basics of the business side within the music industry.

He has taken a pro-active approach to gaining more knowledge about the fundamentals of being an independent artist within the digital era of the music industry. With the assistance of his parents, Greg has been receiving one on one guidance from music industry consultants and experienced industry veterans, in order to properly brand himself as a multi-faceted entertainer! He is in the process of building his own independent production company so he can build a business and differentiate himself from the many other up and coming young entertainers.

Greg has toured the school circuits and other notable venues within the surrounding cities in Los Angeles, CA. He quickly learned what he needs to improve upon so he can create a fun experience for those who are fans of his and have taken the time to attend his shows. He proudly states, “My purpose is to be a role model that consistently provides a great example in order to guide my audience into leading a positive lifestyle!” With such a wise grasp of reality, you forget that this young man is only fourteen years old when speaking to him. When he’s not enthralled in acting, dancing, and vocal lessons; Greg keeps himself busy with such sporting activities as Boxing, Basketball, and skateboarding! With devoted parents who have vowed to do all they can to make sure Greg grows up gaining a great education and industry knowledge, all while experiencing the life of a regular American teenager; Greg Marks is bound to become a force of nature within the entertainment industry! Stay tuned as this young man leads his audience into an unforgettable experience.

Written By Ani Galestanian

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